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IT Consulting Services

Computers and computer networks have become indispensable business tools. Business and other organizations need to utilize them just to stay competitive. But, due to increasing complexities of computer networks, Infomax Solutions' clients have been relying on the expertise of our staff of certified consultants for best practice implementations, auditing, troubleshooting and documentations.

Too many servers and networks get implemented with default settings. Anybody can pop an Exchange Server CD into a new server, click Next, Next, Next, accepting all the default settings and wind up with a reasonably functionable Exchange mail server. But, within 6 months, that server will start experiencing serious problems all on its own.

Furthermore, too many servers and networks get installed and left in vulnerable states. With cyber security increasingly becoming critical, servers and networks must be configured and locked down securely - to guard against threats from outside AND inside.

Things to look for in your IT consultants:

  •   Ability to consistently troubleshoot & solve problems.
  •   Communications skills - both verbal and written.
  •   Long-term strategist.
  •   Objectivity to see thru product hypes.
  •   Matches up-to-date technologies to your business needs.
  •   Demonstrated capabilities to handle all your technology needs.
  •   Budget awareness.
  • Bottom Line: servers and networks must be configured per best practice procedures.

    The following is a partial list of Infomax Solutions' services:

    Microsoft Infrastructure

  •   Microsoft NT and Active Directory assessment, design, upgrades, migrations and maintenance.
  •   Microsoft Exchange Server assessment, design, upgrades, migrations and maintenance.
  •   Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) assessment, upgrades, migrations and maintenance.
  •   Microsoft Terminal Server assessment, design, installation and maintenance.
  •   GPO and SUS/WSUS assessment, installations and maintenance.
  • Internetworking

  •   Cisco Consulting.
  •   LAN/WAN Internetworking assessment, design, installations and maintenance.
  •   Switching and Routing.
  •   VLAN and Inter-VLAN Routing.
  •   Internet Circuits, Firewall and IPSec/SSL VPN implementations.
  •   Bandwidth and Traffic Management and Optimization.
  •   Wireless Infrastructure assessments & installations.
  •   Voice over IP (VoIP).
  • Security

  •   Network and System Security assessment, design and implementations.
  •   Firewalls and Proxy Gateways.
  •   IPSec and SSL VPN.
  •   Encryption and SSL Certificates.
  •   Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.
  •   AntiVirus, AntiSpam and AntiSpyware.
  •   Wireless Security.
  • Storage and Data Backup

  •   SAN, NAS and Portable Storage Solutions.
  •   Data Backup and Archival Solutions.
  • Other Services

  •   Web, Database and Custom Application Development.
  •   Data, Voice and Video Cabling.

  • Contact us.  Infomax Solutions is ready to deliver comprehensive consulting services.