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Whether building internet connection or internal network, Infomax Solutions has the expertise to help.

Infomax Solutions has installed internet connections using DS3, point-to-point T1, Frame Relay, xDSL, Cable, dial-up and wireless microwave link. Furthermore, we have designed and implemented private WAN as large as 50 sites, using Cisco solutions and involving ATM, Frame Relay, T1 and RLAN DSL circuits.

Infomax Solutions' engineers have extensive experience with Cisco and 3Com routers and switches, NetScreen/Juniper firewalls, Cisco PIX firewalls, SonicWall firewalls, WatchGuard firewalls and Fortinet firewalls. We have also designed and installed multi-site, fully-meshed VPN networks, as well as setting up dial-in VPN connections for secure remote connectivities.

Infomax Solutions recommends VLAN's whenever possible and have installed VLAN, inter-VLAN routing and layer 3 switching using Cisco and 3Com solutions.

Do you have multiple internet connections, as well as private WAN links, inside routers, outside routers and are having trouble getting the routing correct?

Is your organization's IP management a nightmare?

Contact us.  Infomax Solutions is ready to deliver your LAN/WAN/internetworking solutions.