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Infomax Solutions offers industry-leading network security and vulnerability assessment and audit services. Our services include the usual network scanning from outside of your network perimeter. But, there's more.

Infomax Solutions strongly recommends implementations of full-fledged firewalls rather than the commonly-available DSL/Cable NAT routers that masquerade as firewalls. If your network becomes compromised, these simple NAT routers have no way of controlling outbound traffic and your organization could become liable as a possible source of attack to other organizations.

How many of you are running Outlook Web Access (OWA) with your Exchange servers? We think many are, as Exchange is one of the most widely-deployed server applications. But, how many of you are running OWA via SSL (https)? We think many are not. Logging into OWA via standard http results in your usernames and passwords traversing the internet in clear-text and, therefore, are completely vulnerable to compromise. All it takes to guard against this is to implement a SSL certificate (128-bit encryption). SSL certificates, that all banking and other financial institutions' web servers use, are available from many top-tier vendors for less than $200 a year.

Did you know that 70% of data theft has been traced to internal sources?. Too often, not enough attention is paid to securing data access from within. Implementing strong password policies, Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Group Policies (GPO) can help secure internal security in a centralized manner. Furthermore, Microsoft's freely-available Software Update Service (SUS) can ensure that all Windows machines are updated with latest patches and hotfixes in a timely manner.

Bottom Line: network security isn't just about firewalls any more.

Contact us.  Infomax Solutions is ready to deliver secure network implementations as well as security auditing and assessments.