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Wondering what all the buzz regarding VoIP is about? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that enables making and receiving phone (voice) calls thru computer networks and data networks, like the Internet. Traditionally, voice calls are made using analog PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines connected to PBX.

With a right setup, you could be making free domestic long distance as well as international calls. For those organizations that already have a WAN or VPN infrastructure in place, the foundation is already in place for free VoIP calls.

The following are some of the benefits of going VoIP:

  •   Substantial toll cost savings for organizations with geographically-dispersed office locations.
  •   Ability to assign office extension numbers to those regional sales manager and others who work out of his/her home office.
  •   No more running separate cables for voice and data.
  •   No more separate vendors for telephone systems and computer networking.
  •   And, finally, it's just plain cool. :)

  • Looking to upgrade or replace your tired, aging, traditional PBX system? Go VoIP and realize the benefits. You can also augment your existing traditional PBX system by integrating VoIP Gateways and devices to it.

    Some of the protocols and technologies involved in VoIP are: SIP, H.323, QoS, RTP, RSVP. As voice packets are transmitted thru data network, capacity planning in general and bandwidth calculation in particular are essential aspects of a well-designed VoIP network so as to ensure high level of voice quality. Also, different VoIP vendors equipments function at different VoIP packet sizes - a critical issue, given that the size of the data network is finite and fixed. Add encryption to this, to prevent voice packet capture and eventual reassembly, and choosing the right product becomes more critical.

    Contact us.  Infomax Solutions is ready to deliver your VoIP solutions using Cisco, 3Com, NEC, MultiTech and other products.